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How to remove ticks and how to prevent them

Tick Twisters work very well on all animals. But, prevention is better than taking the tick out once it's bitten.

Please have a look at these guides to help prevent ticks on your animals, but also to how to safely remove the ticks once they've bitten. It's really important to get the ticks out as quickly as possible. The longer they're feeding the more likely it is that they will spread disease.

Handy hints to help you on your tick removal quest:

  • Always carry a tick twister or tick card with you in case you find one when out and about.
  • Another handy hint is to carry a roll of sellotape or a post-it pad. Strange thing to suggest, I know, but these can be used to secure the tick and ensure that its not allowed to fall on the ground to spread more disease.
  • You can also lift crawling ticks off using the scoop in the tick hook - that will save you having to handle the tick.
  • If you do handle a tick, make sure that your clean with disinfectant gel afterward too, if you can't wash your hands immediately.

Please look here then for information on how to remove ticks

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Ticks in the UK spread Lyme disease and Borreliosis.

Please do all you can to prevent ticks.

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