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Tick Twister Pair in zip lock bag.
tick twisters in bag

The simplest and best way to remove a tick. One large and one small tick twister in a handy zip lock bag. Please select volumes and prices from the drop down purchase box. Prices include postage.

These are now in mixed colours. If you order multiple tick twisters we will aim to supply different colours.

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For volume orders please contact us.

Tick Twisters (in bag)
Tick Card
tick card
This is a credit sized card with a large and small slot and magnifying area

£4.50 each, including 1st class postage

See more about the tick card here

Please contact us for volume orders.

Sorry Temporarily out of stock
Tick Removal for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses etc

1 pack - £5.25 including postage
2 packs - £10.00 including postage.

These come in plastic bubble packs. Again there are 2 tick twister - one emall and one large - these are in a fold over pack.

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Tick Twisters
Tick Removal for people
tick hooks for people

1 pack - £5.25 including postage
2 packs - £10.00 including postage.

The people tick removers are simply a different colour so that you can tell what you've used on your pet and what you've used on you.

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Tick Twisters
Silicon Grip Tick Remover

This tick twister is a wee bit longer, and has an easy grip silicon wrap on the handle. Lots of nice bright colours too.

1 pack which includes a large and small tick twister - £6.50 including post and packing.

See more about Tick Twisters here

Smidge Midge, Tick and Biting insect repellent
smidge insect repellent

Smidge is a safe alternative to DEET made from Saltadin. It helps to deter midges ticks and other blood sucking insects.

Information on Smidge >more

Want to buy? Sorry, but due to postal restrictions, we can only sell this locally or for bulk orders - please contact us.

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